OpenView HD – Free Viewing Forever

South Africa’s first free HD satellite TV service. OpenView HD was launched in 2013 and offers viewers nationwide coverage with crystal clear HD quality viewing. With 19 TV channels and 9 Radio channels, viewers can enjoy non-stop international & local entertainment. This includes movies, music, news, sport, religious and children’s programs. Some of the channels like are broadcast in full high definition (1080 HD).  You can now watch your favourite SABC channels without a separate TV aerial.

The latest model NA9200 OpenView HD Decoder has PVR (Personal Video Recorder). This functionality can be used with an Open PVR USB stick. PVR functionality allows you to schedule programs for timed recordings that can then be viewed at your leisure. PVR also gives you the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind recordings. The 32GB Open PVR USB sticks are currently available. You can get it in two sizes: 32GB and 46GB.The 32GB can record up to 160 minutes of HD content. The 64GB can record up to 320 minutes of HD content.

OpenView HD also comes with other services accessible and a remote control. Services including a list of your recordings, reminders, a sleep timer, and an electronic 8-day TV guide.

No more paying monthly fees. You only pay once for the OpenView HD Decoder with a satellite dish and installation. Don’t miss out on more TV, when you can have free viewing forever!